White Mountain Hearth | Outdoor Linear Fireplace 48″

Stainless steel construction, an integrated LED lighting system, and a 55,000 Btu burner ensure that Empire’s 48-inch Outdoor Linear Fireplace will light up your patio party for any occasion. Or choose the 60-inch model with 65,000 Btu burner.

These single-sided models conceal a gas burner beneath a large bed of clear-frost crushed glass. While the flames dance atop the bed of glass, the lighting system illuminates the glass from beneath. A glass deflector shield helps protect the flame from wind. (Optional taller deflectors are available for fireplaces installed in windier locations.)

A tilt-up cover conceals all controls – including pushbutton ignition and flame control knob with Hi, Medium and Low – plus intuitive buttons to control the changing pattern and color of the LED lighting. The buttons let you select from seven LED colors – Deep Blue, Royal Violet, Cardinal Red, Sea Green, Forest Green, Tranquil Blue, and White – and vary the intensity. Two “program” settings cycle through the colors automatically – either quickly or gradually.


51 3/4” W x 24 5/16” H x 19 1/16” D


• Pre-Programmed-Color LED
lighting beneath burner
• Manual electronic ignition with
AA battery
• 3-Stage manually variable
flame hotbox
• Weather Deflector Glass Panels
(Taller panels available for windy


• Decorative Crushed Glass (Glass
Drops or Droplets may be added
to area surrounding burner


• Maximum heat output:
55,000 BTU (LP or Natural)
• Weight: 178 lbs.
• Clearances:
Side Walls: 6”
Ceiling: 24”
Ground: 10 1/4”
• Type of Gas: LP or Natural


• Deflector Glass, 48-inch
• Drain Tray, 48-inch Stainless Steel
• Weather Door, 48-inch Stainless Steel


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