White Mountain Hearth | Breckenridge Deluxe Firebox 36 | Vent-Free

Designed for installation in tight spaces, Breckenridge Deluxe fireboxes measure just 16 1/2 inches deep for the 32-inch model and 19 for the 36- and 42-inch models, yet still allow installation of a blower. We offer an assortment of decorative arched doors, louvers, and frames for the Deluxe fireboxes – accessories normally reserved for manufacturers’ upscale models. Liners include four styles in ceramic fiber, one in refractory, plus Stainless Steel and Black Reflective (Deluxe only). This firebox is an elegant Matte Black. Surround your fireplace with a traditional-style Cabinet or Corner mantel in one of five finishes, or choose stainable oak or hardwood. For use with contemporary burners, we also offer stainless steel and reflective black liners to fit the Deluxe firebox, along with a special contemporary mantel in modern matte black – in cabinet or corner models.


40” W x 35” H x 19” D


• Junction Box
• Standard Hood
comes with Refractory Liner


• Burner
• Log Set
• Extended Hoods for installation
where the firebox surround materials
are thicker that 1-inch
• Mantel requires 3-piece Outer
Frame Kit


• Weight: 150 lbs.
• Flush Front or Louver


• Ember Kit
• Blower
• Fresh Air Kit
• Liners: Aged Brick, Banded Brick,
Black Porcelain, Stacked Limestone,
Stainless Steel, and Traditional Brick
• Decorative Hood: Hammered Pewter,
Matte Black, Stainless Steel,
• Decorative Louvers (for Louvered
Fireboxes): Mission or Arch
(Hammered Pewter or Matte Black)
• Decorative Arch Door Set: Mission
Arch or regular Arch in Hammered
Pewter or Matte Black
• Outer Steel Frame, Hammered
Pewter or Matte Black
• Standard or Corner Mantel



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