Outdoor Products

The convenience and benefits of propane are not limited to just inside your home. With the advancements made by modern propane powered equipment and appliances, you can now enjoy all the benefits of propane year round, both inside and outside your home. Barbeque grills and complete outdoor kitchen systems give you the ability to cook and grill like a professional chef, outdoor fire pits, fireplaces, and propane powered lighting provide an excellent focal point and ambiance for relaxation and fun, and patio heaters and generators keep you comfortable. Let Shawley’s help make your patio or deck a summer oasis and your backyard a place where you can enjoy the great outdoors.


Ice storms, heavy snow fall, high winds, and an aging power grid mean power outages can happen at any time or location. Power outages pose a serious inconvenience and even risk to you and your family because many of today’s heating/cooling appliances operate on electricity, food can spoil, and pipes can freeze. Standby home generators can provide a reliable source of electricity, comfort, and security for your home, even when you aren’t there. Standby generators automatically sense a power outage and activate themselves within moments to restore power and security to your home.
Standby generators can be powered by either natural gas or propane and can be tied directly into your home’s existing propane or natural gas supply line. In the event that gas is not already installed or available at your location, Shawley’s can install either above or underground propane storage tanks to fuel your standby generator.
Shawley’s is proud to a Factory Authorized Dealer and Servicer of Generac Generators. Our technicians have been factory trained and certified to install, maintain, and perform service or warranty repairs to your Generac Generator. Call Shawley’s today and see how we can help keep your power on regardless of what Mother Nature throws your way.

Outdoor Lighting

Propane lighting provides home and business owners’ reliability, function, and elegance to any application. Propane lights are available in many different patterns and finishes; the most demanded are natural copper, black patina, and antique copper patina. The flexibility of propane allows these lighting solutions to be mounted virtually anywhere with wall, post, ceiling, and pedestal mounting options providing endless possibilities. Lights can be activated by either a wall mounted switch or even solar powered valves that turn the lights off during the day and automatically turn them on during the evening. Let Shawley’s help shine light on your home or patio with a reliable and efficient propane lighting solution.

Grills & Barbecues

Propane grills are fast, with no waiting for charcoals to ignite and heat up. Propane grills are also clean, with no residue or ash to dispose of and no harmful pollutants to worry about. Shawley's offers grills, barbeques, and smokers from the industry’s leading manufacturers including Lynx, Vermont Castings, Napoleon, and many more. We are also one of the area’s oldest dealers offering The Big Green Egg. Cooking on the Egg is like nothing you have ever tried before. The ceramic construction and ageless design ensure that the food cooked on the Egg makes the juiciest and most flavorful meals you have ever had.

Today’s Propane Grills Do More

  • Some propane grills are self-cleaning with low-maintenance designs.
  • Many are designed for smoking, barbequing, deep-frying, broiling, and more.
  • Some models use tiles for radiant heating, eliminating the possibility of the flame making contact with the meat or vegetables being grilled.
  • Push-Button ignitions are available for instant cooking.
woman holding wine glass and flipping skewers on grill

Outdoor Fireplaces & Firepits

Fireplaces and other hearth products are now found in almost 65 percent of all new homes. People everywhere rely on the warmth, comfort, and aesthetic beauty that a propane powered fireplace can provide to any environment. Home and business owners demand high quality products that provide the highest levels of comfort, flexibility, and adaptability. At Shawley’s we are proud to offer a complete line of propane fireplaces that give complete customization to the buyer. Customers have the ability to customize the look and feel of their units. From traditional style fireplaces to modern, stainless steel units, there is no limit to the possibilities you can enjoy with a propane powered fireplace.

Benefits of a Propane Fireplace:

  • Propane fireplaces are easily controlled through the use of wall mounted switches or hand held remotes. Customers have the ability to thermostatically control the fireplace via temperature controlled digital remotes and conveniently turn the unit on/off with the push of a button.
  • Propane fireplaces can also be equipped with built in dampers, smoke shelves, and heat circulating features/equipment to provide both radiant and convective heat.
  • Many propane fireplaces can be operated even without electricity. There is no need to worry about power outages in the coldest winter nights. If you have a propane fireplace, you can rest assured you will continue to have the warmth and comfort you need.
  • A quality propane fireplace adds value to your home while at the same time giving you uncompromising comfort with a reliable heating source. Aside from kitchen and bathroom renovations, fireplaces add the most return on your home investment.

Patio Heaters

Propane patio heaters can make cool nights quite cozy. These heaters provide the right amount of radiant heat, enough for more than a 20ft circle, and will help raise ambient, outdoor temperatures between 10 and 30 degrees. Patio heaters are available in several sizes from freestanding tower heaters to compact table top units, and many models are equipped with adjustable temperature controls. Propane patio heaters provide you with the warmth, comfort, and flexibility you need to enjoy the great outdoors no matter what the seasons may bring. Let Shawley’s help take the chill off of your next outdoor get together.

Pool, Spa & Hot Tub Heaters

No one will hop into the pool or hot tub until the water is just right. With propane powered heaters, you can reach this perfect temperature quicker than electric units. With heaters ranging in size from small 5,000Btu/hr units for spas and hot tubs to heaters over 400,000Btu/hr for full sized swimming pools, there is an option for you. These heaters are also available for above and in-ground pools. Take a dip into Shawley’s and see how we can help make your life a little more comfortable with a propane powered pool, spa, and hot tub heater.

burgers being flipped on grill

Built In Barbecue Systems

Let the professionals at Shawley’s help build your dream outdoor kitchen. Whether you’re designing a completely custom outdoor kitchen installation, or looking for the perfect ready-made island or kitchen package, there are options to suit your needs. Built in systems provide the flexibility you need to design the system of your dreams through modular design. Ice makers, refrigerators, grills, smokers, sinks, and much more can all be incorporated into any design giving you complete control. Shawley’s has the knowledge, experience, and passion to make your dreams a reality.

Weed & Insect Control

Weeds are not only an eyesore but can cause serious issues in both conventional and organic crop production. Traditionally, homeowners have relied on expensive and toxic chemicals to treat their gardens, sidewalks, patios, and driveways. These traditional methods not only increase the amount of pollutants and toxins in the air which are harmful not only to weeds but also humans as well, but continued use over time allows the plants/weeds to develop natural immunities and resistances to these products. Propane weed burners rapidly heat the cells of weeds and plants, causing them to rupture thus killing the growth almost immediately. Because propane is non-toxic, propane weed burners do not contaminate the soil, ground water, or other nearby plants or flowers.
Propane powered mosquito and insect eliminators are able to protect up to an acre of land. These eliminators use a remarkably effective design by turning propane into carbondioxide, heat, and moisture which are the three main attractants for mosquitoes and insects.

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