Heating Oil

Shawley’s sells more than just propane. We are also capable of servicing the needs of residential, commercial, and agricultural home heating oil customers through year round delivery programs. Heating Oil remains one of the worlds most popular and utilized fuel sources because of its ability to generate more heat per gallon than both natural gas and electricity.

Reasons to Choose Heating Oil:

  • Clean and Efficient. Today’s home heating oil is 95% cleaner than the home heating oil used in the 1970s. Modern oil equipment carries an industry standard of 80-85% efficiency with other available models that reach over 90%.
  • Safe. Home heating oil is a safe heating fuel. In its liquid state, heating oil will not ignite or burn because it requires vaporization for ignition. Modern oil fired equipment utilizes a sealed combustion chamber where this vaporization and ignition take place.
  • Comfort. Home heating oil burns up to 300 degrees hotter than natural gas and is one of the hottest burning fuels per unit available today. This fact combined with high efficiency units means you’re spending less to heat your home or business faster!
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