Delivery Options

Budget Program: Easily Manage Your Propane Costs

This is our most popular program. With the Shawley’s Budget Program, you can have peace of mind knowing that you can avoid large, lump sum fuel bills during the winter heating season. Our Budget Program allows you to spread your annual heating costs throughout the entire year with convenient monthly payments that are based on your annual fuel consumption. Relax this winter knowing your heating costs will be predictable and manageable.

Pre-Buy: Lock-In the Lowest Price Possible

The price of propane, much like other commodities, fluctuates with demand making the price of propane higher during the winter months than in the summer. With our Pre-Buy Program, you are able to avoid paying these higher fuel prices by pre-purchasing your fuel during the warmer months or the “off-season” while prices are historically at their lowest. By purchasing your gallons of propane through our Pre-Buy Program, you can lock-in the lowest price per gallon possible before the winter season demand makes the prices higher. Get the best bang for your buck with Pre-Buy.

Automatic Delivery: No Hassles. No Worries. Just Service

Customers who choose to be on Automatic Delivery never have to worry about scheduling fuel deliveries, never have to monitor their tank gauge, and have peace of mind knowing they will have fuel when they need it the most. Our dedicated staff will monitor your propane usage and schedule a delivery when you need a fill. Automatic Delivery customers are placed on an Automatic Route, ensuring that not only will your tank be filled but also inspected and checked routinely by our skilled delivery personnel. You’ll never have to call us to schedule a delivery, which is one less thing for you to worry about.

Will Call Status: Deliveries When YOU Want Them

As a Will Call customer, you can enjoy the flexibility of requesting your own propane deliveries. To request a delivery, simply call Shawley’s when your propane tank reaches 25% capacity according to the tank’s gauge to ensure your delivery arrives when you need it. Will Call Status is typically used by customers who are experienced in using propane and understand that when on Will Call Status, it is their responsibility to monitor their own tank level and usage.

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