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For Fuel Oil inquiries, please call our office at (301) 797-4887 before submitting any forms to set up an account.

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At Shawley’s we believe everyone deserves Prompt, Dependable, and Affordable service. Becoming a customer is fast, easy, and convenient. To get started, simply call our office at (301) 797-4887 or email us at to speak with one of our courteous representatives. During this initial contact, we will help you determine which services are right for you. No matter if you’re building a home that will utilize propane, renting a propane fueled home, or thinking about adding a propane powered appliance, we have the expertise and passion to help you make the best decision for your home and family.
Propane services can vary greatly depending upon many factors but below are some of the most common examples.

  • Own your own tank. Before deliveries can be made to a customer owned tank, Shawley’s will conduct a thorough leak and safety inspection of not only the tank itself but the entire propane distribution system. These inspections ensure the safety of not only you but our service technicians as well.
  • Switching propane suppliers. After your account has been created, we will work with you to schedule an appointment to install a Shawley’s tank at your property. After the tank has been installed and a complete leak and safety check has been performed, you can expect a swift fuel delivery to fill your tank.
  • New home construction, renovations, and improvements. No matter how large or small your project is, we have the knowledge and drive to assist you. We will schedule a free, onsite consultation to survey your project, answer your questions, and assist you with designing, building, and installing the correct products and services for your needs.
  • Adding propane appliances or equipment. If you’re thinking about adding a propane fueled appliance such as a cooking range, furnace, generator, clothes dryer, hot water heater, or any other propane fueled appliance; Shawley’s staff can help you determine exactly which appliance is right for you. Free estimates and consultations with our trained staff ensure your new appliance is sized properly for your application, installed correctly, operated safely, and ready to provide your family with many years of comfort and peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions


How To Read Your Tank Gauge

The gauge that is mounted on your propane tank measures the volume of fuel remaining as a percentage of the total capacity of the tank. The most common error made by consumers is to believe the gauge reads in gallons of fuel remaining. IT DOES NOT.
To establish how much fuel is left in your tank, simply multiply the water capacity of your propane tank by the percentage shown on the gauge. The gauge pictured below is for generalization only. The gauge on your tank may appear different but will read/operate in the same fashion.
The gauge on the left is reading roughly 55% as indicated by the needle. This means that the propane tank has approximately 55% of the total water capacity left. For example, if this gauge was attached to a 125 gallon propane tank, the tank will have approximately 68.75 gallons of propane remaining (125 x .55). If the needle was pointing at 80%, the tank will have 100 gallons remaining (125 x .80).

Things To Remember About Your Propane Gauge:

  • It is important to check your propane gauge often, typically once every two weeks or at least once every month. Over time the float attached to the gauge may malfunction producing a non-functioning gauge that may “stick” at a certain percentage.
  • The gauge gives an approximation of fuel remaining in your tank. The actual level of propane in your tank may vary depending upon many factors including the ambient outdoor temperature. As temperatures increase, the vapor pressure inside the tank will increase and vice versa.
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