Propane can be used in hundreds of different agricultural applications, thanks to its safety, reliability, and efficiency. In fact, nearly 900,000 farms across the United States use propane on a daily basis because it is clean burning, nontoxic, and cannot contaminate food or feed supplies. From propane powered tractors to weed control, propane delivers the performance and cost advantage to keep your operations running efficiently.

Traditional Agricultural Operations That Benefit From Propane Are:

  • Greenhouses
  • Chicken Brooding
  • Milking Parlors
  • Space Heating
  • Pig Brooding
  • Crop/Grain Drying
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Agriculture Services

Farming is not an occupation, it’s a lifestyle. At Shawley’s we understand how valuable your equipment and most importantly time are to your operation. Shawley’s has the ability to respond to even the most demanding of challenges while still delivering the same prompt, dependable, and value driven service you have come to expect. Mechanical breakdowns of heaters, torches, water heaters, and so on cause work stoppages, production delays, and decreased sales. Don’t let underperforming equipment undermine your operation, call Shawley’s today to get your operational equipment serviced.
For over 50 years, Shawley’s has been providing the highest quality service, products, and customer satisfaction for our agricultural customers. We are able to design, build, install, and fuel a wide arrange of propane fueled systems for agricultural operations such as:

  • Canning
  • Portable Grain Dryers
  • Butcher Operations
  • Kettle Burners
  • Frost Protection
  • Feed & Grain Roasting
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Agricultural Propane Applications

Propane has traditionally played an important role in the production of agricultural products for many years by fueling equipment and heating water. Today, farmers are capable of integrating the benefits and advantages of propane into all stages of their operations which helps to save them time and money. Below are just some of the ways propane can help out on the farm.

Irrigation Pumps

Irrigation is an energy intensive farming operation. Due to the substantial rise in the cost of gasoline and diesel in recent years, farmers are exploring alternative fuels and taking steps to upgrade the overall efficiency of their irrigation systems. Advanced propane-fueled irrigations engines offer increase efficiency and reliability with reduced maintenance costs.

Weed & Insect Control

Weeds are not only an eyesore but can cause serious issues in both conventional and organic crop production. Traditionally, homeowners have relied on expensive and toxic chemicals to treat their gardens, sidewalks, patios, and driveways. These traditional methods not only increase the amount of pollutants and toxins in the air which are harmful not only to weeds but also humans as well but continued use over time allows the plants/weeds to develop natural immunities and resistances to these products. Propane weed burners rapidly heat the cells of weeds and plants, causing them to rupture thus killing the growth almost immediately. Because propane is non-toxic, propane weed burners do not contaminate the soil, ground water, or other nearby plants or flowers.
Propane powered mosquito and insect eliminators are able to protect up to an acre of land. These eliminators use a remarkably effective design by turning propane into carbondioxide, heat, and moisture which are the three main attractants for mosquitoes and insects.

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