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Space Heaters

Vent-free, propane-fueled space heaters are incredibly efficient. In fact, based on manufacturers’ data, they’re 99.9 percent efficient.

These heaters also include a smart-safety feature called an oxygen depletion sensor. This device protects against the dangers of carbon monoxide by automatically turning off the heater if oxygen levels drop below specified thresholds. Some models also offer thermostats and heat distribution blowers for more efficient operation. Mother Nature also prefers propane-fueled space heaters. They produce fewer air pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions than space heaters using fuel oil.

Contact Shawley’s “The Energy People” to find out about the products and services we offer. We carry a full line of propane products for any aspect of your propane needs. We invite you to experience for yourself the safe, responsive, and reliable service Shawley’s provides to all of its customers. Please call and schedule an appointment for Shawley’s “The Energy People” to help you find comfort this year with a little help from propane.
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